If I Had Live-Tweeted “Good Morning Christmas!”

About the Series

I do not live-tweet. In the good ole days of 2017, I tried my darndest, but, boy, did it make me anxious.

I also do not recap & review as many Hallmark movies as I’d like. Once again, in the good ole days of 2017, I somehow put out one of two of those puppies a week. And now? Well, LOL.

So, if there is a Hallmark movie I enjoy but don’t have the time or energy to recap in full, I’ve decided to compile a list of thoughts and reactions I would’ve had if I were cool enough/less stressed out enough/confident enough to live-tweet them.

Let’s begin with a synopsis, so my tweets aren’t just floating in space without context—

Synopsis of “Good Morning Christmas!”

Melissa Merry (Alison Sweeney) and Brian Bright (Marc Blucas) are the co-hosts of America’s #1 morning talk show, Live with Bright and Merry. Long story short, they hate each other, so Brian is getting let out of his contract. Melissa is mad about this even though she finds him obnoxious, thinks his life has been too easy, and doesn’t prepare enough. Brian thinks Melissa is zero fun, uses a teleprompter like a pacifier, and rehearses too much. I must also mention that Melissa is the Queen of Christmas and Brian doesn’t really care about the holiday.

Before they part their ways, a surprisingly evil (spoiler alert at my feelings about her) producer tells them that they must spend one last week together broadcasting live from a tiny town called Mistletoe, highlighting all of its festive functions because it won the Deck the Town with Bright and Merry contest!

The ice thaws between Melissa and Brian as they do Christmas activity after Christmas activity together in the sweet town of Mistletoe. They are obviously falling in loooooove! Brian starts to love Christmas (yell-singing Jingle Bells like it’s some sort of rock anthem) and Melissa’s eyes turn into hearts as she giggles at Brian constantly. These two start to realize that they don’t want Live with Bright and Merry to end!

But, oh no! Brian has a girlfriend! Who doesn’t like Christmas! And who is in contract negations for a Bravo type reality show about her and Brian’s life as glam socialite influencers in love! This is quite bad! And tacky! But, hallelujah—Brian cuts it off with his girlfriend and says he doesn’t want to do the reality show. But, the opposite of hallelujah—his girlfriend tells Melissa all about the reality show before Brian rejects it.

So, Melissa is ticked because she thinks Brian left Live with Bright and Merry to be on some awful reality show and then is madder for longer than she should be because she doesn’t listen to Brian’s explanation. Classic Hallmark move, Melissa! But, after consulting her sister, Melissa decides to tell Brian how she feels. Good news! Brian also decides to tell Melissa how he feels. But, this is also when I start cussing. The very evil head producer of Live with Bright and Merry turns on Melissa and Brian’s microphones and films their confessions of love to each other with secret cameras without their knowledge. And broadcasts it on LIVE TELEVISION. I—am disgusted.

But, Melissa and Brian kiss, Brian decides to stay on Live with Bright and Merry and everyone is happy. The End.

Emma shared a drawing with you 4 copy

A Fake Live-Tweet of My 2nd Viewing of Good Morning Christmas!

Live with Bright and Merry? Bright and Merry? In THAT order? 🤨

I swear, if you are lucky enough to have 2 people with the last names Merry and Bright as the co-hosts of a show, you better call it Live with Merry and Bright.

And have them end the show with “May your day be Merry and Bright!” C’mon!

In love with the fact that Brian is an ex-NFL star who got dumped on a Bachelor franchise type dating show before becoming a news anchor. This is the realest thing that has been in a 2020 #CountdowntoChristmas movie.

Whoops, just revealed myself to be someone who watches the Bachelor shows, but don’t you EVER call me a member of #BachelorNation. I would cuss!

@jaybrazeau makes every movie better!

Jay has had to live in the same inn/house as two different guys in two different 2020 #CountdowntoChristmas movies. #GoodMorningChristmas and the eye twitch inducing #FiveStarChristmas.

Okay, don’t get me started on #FiveStarChristmas because I will explode.

(okay okay I should’ve liked #FiveStarChristmas but I couldn’t handle all the lying and fake accents and omg I’m getting anxious just thinking about it and you shouldn’t be anxious watching a Hallmark Christmas movie)

I don’t trust this producer woman.

She definitely worked as a producer on a Bachelor franchise show. This is the opposite of a compliment! Spell it out with me: M-A-N-I-P-U-L-A-T-I-V-E!

Okay, I am usually jealous of these small town holiday activities…but a 3 legged race wrapped in wreaths and pokey garland…………..? Hahaha no!

Of course they fall and land on top of each other.

LOL @ this tied together lying in the snow conversation that has zero sexual tension. Like this is Hallmark 101 for near-kisses and all they talk about is the hardships of being a professional athlete 🤪

Time for Brian’s first experience decorating a Christmas tree!

Why are they…crying?

Look, I am a very emotional person but I have NEVER cried lighting a Christmas tree, but I have also never lit a Balsam Hill tree and maybe that’s what I’m missing.

Also because I don’t have a Christmas tree REMOTE!

Blucas and Sweeney are magic together.

Things this movie has made me want

  1. Christmas tree remote
  2. Barn just for Christmas decorations
  3. Hawaiian shirts with Santa surfing on them

This movie is adorable. I love their news broadcasts, how they participate in this cute town’s festive activities, and Blucas and Sweeney’s chemistry is ⚡️ELECTRIC⚡️

Melissa and Brian genuinely enjoying each other’s company is so fun to watch.

Also, I would watch Live with Bright and Merry.

How much footage does the show really need of Brian stumble skating around an ice rink? Does America really need to see this?

Yiiiiiikes—Brian on a Bravo type reality show makes sense, but this is not good!

Brian set up a Christmas baking date activity and I am into it!

“Why are you single?” is such a flirty yet weird-uncomfortable-disgusting question! 

The real question I want asked: why were you a contestant on The Bachelorette, BRIAN? Why did you get dumped on national television, BRIAN?

Loving #GoodMorningChristmas. Sure hope nothing really weird and invasive and voyeuristic happens at the end of the movie and ruins it for me!

Fun things this movie has made me want to do:

  1. Gingerbread decorating contest
  2. Coordinate Christmas outfits with my husband
  3. Ice skate in ugly hats
  4. Bake more Christmas cookies

Not only did this movie share an inn and actor with #FiveStarChristmas, but I’m just now noticing  that THEY’RE ON THE EVERGREEN SET! (Oh geez, I still haven’t seen the new Evergreen movie!)

Blah blah blah 15 minutes left in the movie, so it’s time for an argument. I love these movies but this is something I could do without.

Typical Hallmark movie mistake: walking away from a conversation without letting the other person explain their side. Melissa, you could’ve been saved from so much grief. In particular, making out on national television!

Okay, this was a relatively short fight, so that’s nice.

Yay, Melissa and Brian are finally going to confess their feelings to each other!

Wait…what is this producer doing…….

Turning on Melissa and Brian’s mics…….sending out hidden cameras to find them and broadcast their confessions of love………on national television…………..

What in The Truman Show is this?!?!?!?!

Oh, “listen to your gut” when you’re producing a television show, lady? But not your conscience?!?!?!?!?

They’re broadcasting this LIVE?! EXCUSE ME?!

How irresponsible?!


This is supposed to be romantic?! What in the H-E-C-K-HOCKEYSTICKS is this?!

Like, I really love that Melissa and Brian are telling each other that they are in love with each other but there is a guy with a camera in the bushes!!!!!!!!!!! 

There is no emoji that describes the way that the ending of this movie made me feel—especially after loving it so much—so I shall create one: 

In Conclusion

I loved 97% of Good Morning Christmas! The plot was fun, it was severely Christmassy, and Sweeney and Blucas are a perfect pair. However, I am soooo disappointed by the weird ending. Am I overreacting? Unsure. I am sure, though, that it made me super mad and uncomfortable and took me out of the magic of the movie. But, I loved the majority of it so much that I will watch this one next year—maybe just not the last 5 minutes.

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