“Frozen in Love” Recap & Review

I absolutely love Hallmark movies. Everything I say is out of this undying, appreciative, in awe type of love. Yes, I make fun of them, but my husband and I make fun of each other all of the time, and we are annoyingly in love.

Mary (Rachael Leigh Cook), the owner of On the Same Page bookstore in Denver, is uptiiiiiggggggghhhhhttttttt. I’m 100% sure that if she were reading this right now, her eyes would be twitching and popping out of her head because of all the letters I added to uptight. But, of course, she’d have to have a minor interest in technology to be reading this, so I think I’m fine.

She has read ≈53,000 books, but she needs to check out the list I’m compiling for her. From a conversation she has with her brother, Tyler (Madison Smith), she seems to not know what’s going on in 2018, nor have any idea what sports are.

The Hallremark’s Reading List for Mary

  1. Modern Technology 4 the Reluctant
  2. Sports: The Book
  3. 87 Cheap & Easy Relaxation Techniques: A Buzzfeed Article

On the Same Page is having financial trouble, and Mary is in denial about what needs to be done to fix it. She is also withholding this information from her parents, the original owners of the store. Oh no, Mary!!

Facebook is kewl!

Adam Clayborn (Niall Matter) is the bad boy of professional hockey. He gets kicked out of games, passes out on friends’ couches, and has an attitude that matches his permanent bedhead.

He’s bad to the bone.


One morning, after a particularly rough game, Adam needs coffee so badly that he finds himself in Mary’s bookstore, frantically searching for a cup o’ joe. Their meeting goes a-sumthin’ lika this–

Adam: give me coffee

Mary: we don’t have coffee

Adam: but, give me coffee

Mary: but, we don’t have coffee

Adam: *buys a quilting book* ok, now, give me coffee

Mary: But. We. Don’t. Have. Coffee.

They are now mortal enemies.

How do I know you didn’t take that quilting book into the bathroom?

After a recent game ejection, Adam is dodging the Denver Royals’ team president–and his ex-girlfriend–ERICA (Tammy Gillis). I’m not yelling, I promise. That’s just how her name appears in Adam’s phone. If your name is all caps in someone’s phone, that is not a good sign.

When she finally gets him in her office, ERICA suspends him for 10 games. Then +1 for a rude remark. Oh, and +1 for this charmer: For the record, I broke up with you. Add that all together and Adam is stuck with a 12 game suspension.

Btw, the Royals are the most Hallmark hockey team of all time. There is a crown on their jersey and everything!


Mary meets with her college friend and PR consultant extraordinaire, Janet (Sandy Sidhu), to plan the store’s 40th anniversary, and to figure out how to save On the Same Page. Coincidentally, ERICA sends Adam Claybourn to also meet with Janet to fix up his not-so-popular image.

Janet decides to pair Mary and Adam in hopes that they’ll fix each other’s problems. Mary and On the Same Page need to become integrated into the community. Adam needs the image refresh. He’ll give On the Same Page the publicity they need, and he’ll look wholesome! Problem solved!

Except for the fact they hate each other. They are way too similar that they find each other insufferable.

I’m the captain now.

A lot of Frozen in Love is newspaper headlines, so let me sum up Mary and Adam’s adventures in public relations in them!

  • On the Same Page sponsors a junior hockey team and Adam coaches. Mary gives a motivational history lesson for pre-game speech. Adam rolls his eyes. They fight.


  • At a book fair, they set up a hockey-themed booth, and Adam signs autographs. Mary gets jealous of the jersey chasers. They fight.


  • They volunteer at a library, and kind of get along!



Every Thursday night, On the Same Page holds a book club called Book Chat, which is so adorable. To get publicity for the store, Tyler decides to try it out as a podcast, which is also so adorable. Adam shows up and he and Mary discuss War of the Worlds. My only critique is their lack of NPR voice.

After Book Chat, Tyler invites Adam to his and Mary’s parents’ house for supper! Everyone gets along???? Whoooo-wheeeee!

so glad tyler stopped wearing my jersey everywhere. was kinda creeping me out.

Mary and Adam keep hanging out, and keep liking each other a little more each time!


  • practice hockey in the dark like the Endless Love scene in Happy Gilmore
  • talk about what they want in life
  • sled in a cardboard box decorated like a boat.
Happy didn’t make Virginia dress up!

Everything is going pretty well. The store has quite a few customers! Adam’s image is getting better, and his suspension may get lifted! But, Mary is worried about what will happen when the headlines end. If #Winterfest40 isn’t a HUGE success, then she will have to close the store.

After Mary’s depressing speech, Adam asks her to dinner so they can come up with a super duper idea to keep On the Same Page in business. But, right before their date, ERICA asks to meet with him. In a very not bad boy move, Adam calls Mary to let her know that he will be late. But, for some reason, she gets weird and cancels it all together. C’mon, Mary!

At their meeting, ERICA says that if Adam comes to a party for the Royals’ VIP ticket holders, and gives a one hour apology speech, his suspension will be cut short. The only issue? The party is during #Winterfest40.

Wait…how’d they get our pictures on that piece of paper?

In a shocking twist for Hallmark, Adam tells Mary his predicament, and Mary is like…I understand. In a non-shocking twist, once Mary tells her parents about the possibility of the store closing, they are like…hey, we’ll still be family, it’s fine. We love you.


Let’s wrap it up!

  • Adam gives his speech and is back on the team!
  • On the Same Page trends
    • so does #FrozenInLove
  • Mary gets to keep the store! because…
  • Adam made On the Same Page a fan giveaway sponsor for the next Royals game
  • Adam shows up to Winterfest
  • They kiss!
  • The End!
*the ooooooo sound the live audience made when 90s sitcom stars kissed*

I rate Frozen in Love The Average Joe’s from DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story which is a 3.25/5 on my scale of Fictional Sports Teams.

The Scale

  1. The Monstars from Space Jam
  2. The South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs from The Waterboy
  3. Any high school sports team from any high school television show ever
  4. The Rancho Carne Toros from Bring It On
  5. The T.C. Williams Titans from Remember the Titans

(P.S. a 6/5 would’ve been The East High Wildcats from High School Musical. I love HSM more than anyone will ever understand)

But, anyway…

I’m always a fan of the enemies becoming soul mates storyline, and Rachael Leigh Cook and Niall Matter had the right amount of chemistry to pull it off. I loved Sandy Sidhu as Janet, and would like to see her as a romantic lead! And, Tammy Gillis as ERICA gave me Jan from The Office vibes. I could totally feel her frustration. It’s like she was always about 2 seconds away from strangling Adam.

There were some super cute, unexpected parts of this movie–the store book club, the podcast, and cardboard box sledding. This movie made me want to do all of these things!

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you thought about Frozen in Love 🙂

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  1. The Hockey teams crown logo is VERY similar to the Old Los Angeles Kings logo

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